Emma is a product design consultant

I've worked at small startups, big tech companies, and agencies in Silicon Valley. Hire me to help you build great products!




I'm experienced working on native mobile, responsive web, and wearable UI. I can help you develop style guides or work within existing brand guidelines.



The best products come from understanding problems and tasks-to-be-done. I'll help you create intuitive user journeys from start to finish.



I have a design thinking and lean startup background. I'll make strategic design decisions to help you iterate quickly and understand customer needs. 

Case Studies



A marketplace for hiring software consultants based on the skills you need. I'm the founder and designer for this website, where we have thousands of experienced engineers ready to start work today!



I worked on Fitbit Coach - A personal training app and premium service for fitness. As a designer on this product team for 3 years, I focused on onboarding, customer conversion, the video workout experience, and the long-term customer journey. 

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The easy test that gives you powerful information about your fertility. I worked as a design contractor for this website. We developed responsive web designs for several product launches. I focused on UI, visual enhancements, and content strategy.

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Instant relationship counseling from professional coaches. A web app that allows couples to get live chat therapy whenever they’re looking for advice on dating, family, or breakups.

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A forum built on top of Discourse for a large community of entrepreneurs at a major tech company.  Users can start threads, post, respond, create a profile, and customize settings in this polished and branded forum software.

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Hiline business phone

A professional phone line for small business owners. This iOS app gives users a devoted business phone number. They can receive calls, text with users, set business hours, and send customers to customized voicemail when not available.



The future of HR has arrived. I worked as a design contractor for Sapling to work on a redesign of their entire web app. We worked with Angular design templates to redesign all pages and components for their HR software. 



The best meditation app for busy people. I worked as a design contractor to work on the meditation session experience, the meditation search view, and the post-meditation follow up. 



Structured, online training programs in software development and design. I am a design mentor for this remote program. I work with students throughout their program to develop design projects and learn best practices and techniques. 


Emma Lawler

Senior product designer


I'm a digital product designer with a focus on people and simplifying complex problems. I enjoy creating beautiful interfaces to create trusted, polished design for your product. 

I grew up in Colorado, went to undergraduate and design graduate school in Boulder, and gained startup and tech company literacy in San Francisco. Right now I'm trying out the digital nomad lifestyle, and living in different cities around the world for a few months at a time. 

With experience at small startups, big tech companies, and agencies - I can help you build great products that resonate with your users. Email me at emmaryanlawler@gmail.com if you're interested in working together!

Or hire me directly from my Moonlight profile. 

Conferences and workshops

I've taken part or spoken at design and entrepreneurship conferences around the world. Most recently, at Denver Startup Week, Fullstack Toronto, TechWomen delegation trip, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, and Project Entrepreneur