Simple Habit

The best meditation app for busy people. The Simple Habit app gives users access to listening sessions from different types of meditation practitioners. I worked as a design contractor, working on the session experience and search views. 



Users need an easy way to jump into meditation as soon as they get to the website. People were getting lost with all the options on the home page, and not sure how to get started, especially if they're not experienced meditators. 


We changed the home page to give them 2 options on how to get started away. They were straight forward and instructional for people who weren't sure how to use the product. There are more tiled recommendations underneath, and a search functionality for people who know exactly what they want to do. 


homepage search

Users can get started right away with either a basic meditation or ambient noise for relaxation. If they want something specific, they can search for popular meditations by category, or search for something else like "sleep" or "relaxation".


session experience

Once users select a meditation, there needs to be a simple and non-intrusive session experience to enjoy with the audio. Since users are not interacting with the player other than to listen, it needs to be a backdrop for noise with options for customization if needed.