Sapling HR

The future of HR has arrived. Manage the entire HR onboarding experience with the Sapling web app. I worked as a design contractor for Sapling, working with the product team to redesign the entire frontend of the app.



Sapling had tech debt, and needed an entire frontend redesign. They wanted to stick to a single framework so the app would be easy to use, and more simple to update in the future.


We used a framework called Fuse, based off Angular frontend components to redesign all the screens and create a more united, polished experience for existing and future users. 



Redesigning the app was a big project, but we quickly iterated using existing components from the Fuse Angular framework. There were lots of components to choose from, so most of the work had to do with figuring out the UX of the platform and selecting the right pieces to build with. 



To keep the experience flexible, we utilized modals and dashboard filtering to keep most of the tasks visible to users at all times. The goal was to help HR managers see exactly what they needed to do at all times. With lots of task-based needs, this helped clean up the user flow to feel simple.