Relationship Hero

Professional coaching for couples looking for support. People have access to chat therapy when they’re dealing with problems in their relationships. They start with a 10-minute free chat, and move into paid conversations.



Access to therapy is expensive and time consuming. When people are looking for advice, they need something that’s quick and easy. It’s often enough to just talk with someone over chat - but friends and family are not always helpful or available.


Relationship Hero gives people access to an expert to help them through their immediate or long-term problems. They get 10 minutes of free advice. They can pay for packages or pay-per-minute for more ongoing support.


chat interface

Users get immediate access to support once they’re on the site. The goal is to get them attached to a free coach as soon as possible. Once they’re feeling happy with their match, they have the option to continue with a paid plan. Then entire experience happens inside the chat interface.


Users can access the chat from both desktop and mobile. Most users get to the website from Google or Facebook ads, so it’s important that they can have the same experience on whatever device they are using. Repeat customers could be anywhere when they need relationship advice.