Hire engineers today. A marketplace for hiring software consultants based on the skills you need. I'm the co-founder and designer for this product.



It's hard to find skilled software contractors who can jump into a problem right away and make progress. It can be expensive to find the right people to hire full-time, and startups are competing with huge tech companies for talent. 


Moonlight has thousands of experienced engineers and designers ready to work on projects. Many contractors have full-time jobs, but are doing extra work on the side. This means companies who hire through Moonlight get access to experts they couldn't hire full time, who have the skills to make impact on day one.



We focus on attracting clients with the homepage. The main goal is to get someone searching Moonlight for contractors based on skill as soon as they get to the landing page. This gets them interacting with the app right away. 

We also created landing pages for any engineering or design skill someone would search for online. This ensures we capture companies trying to find help with the technologies we support.



The Moonlight web app manages everything for the contractor experience. Finding and hiring the right person, legal and taxes, time tracking and invoicing, and messaging. The goal is to have the entire process run off notifications and communication when needed.

Users come to the app when they need to address a problem or communicate changes. It should be intuitive enough so it's easier to pay Moonlight a 15% fee than to run a contracting team on your own.