Modern Fertility

Your fertility at your fingertips. Introducing the easy test that gives you powerful information about your fertility. I worked as a design contractor to develop responsive designs for their website. 



Women often don't know what their fertility health is, or what it means for their body. The tests that existed previously were hard to find, and expensive to get done as a preventative measure. 


Modern fertility gives women tests to learn about their fertility and hormones, and to help show more about the options available. The goal is to give women the tools they need to make decisions in the future.  



The Modern Fertility team already had a great brand in place when I started working with them. They lean heavily on lots of white space, illustrations, and floaty blocking to create easy-to-read and welcoming information. 

Working with their existing design elements, we quickly built web pages that could be implemented in just a few days. 

modern-fertility- 3.png


Since many women are researching and signing up on-the-go or in private, the website needs to be just as legible and usable on mobile. The entire website can be used on a phone, which allows for more private viewing, and ensures customers can get access wherever they are.