Fitbit Coach

A personal training and premium service app for fitness. The app can be accessed on iOS, Android, web, and Fitbit wearables. I worked as the product designer for the experience, developing a visual language and common UX between all platforms.



It's hard to get a good workout when you're at home or traveling. The prices are high, it's difficult to stay motivated, and people aren't sure what exercises are most effective.


Fitbit coach makes it easy to access high-quality training and guidance without needing an expensive gym membership. The app can be accessed on any platform, and users get personalized exercises based on their body.



The Fitbit apps need to be multi-platform and work anywhere a consumer wants to work out. We created a strict style guide that is flexible and scalable. 

Working closely with the development team, we created a complex style guide system that includes every component and style used in the code. This was hugely valuable when we internationalized and needed even more variability in the technology. 



The experience is on mobile, web, and wearables. User testing the wearable experience surfaced entirely different needs. The app needed to be simplified, requiring less cognitive load. 

To test out the wearable app, we did over a year of testing to learn how people work out, interact with watches, and use small screens. Results showed that people expect a wearable to be much smarter and reactive than web or mobile apps.